Navigating Building Certification

Passive House building certification is a rigorous and demanding process. But with the right approach, the process can be made much easier. In this online course, effective resources and strategies will be explored to help practitioners navigate the certification process and ensure a successful outcome. Examples from both successful and unsuccessful projects will be examined to demonstrate best practices.

Learning Objectives

  1. Develop a thorough understanding of the certification requirements
  2. Improve Knowledge of quality assurance techniques
  3. Understand how to better discern the quality of data sources
  4. Learn best practices for documenting a project to streamline the certification process

  1. Certification process & requirements
  2. Design consultancy vs. certification
  3. Incorporating certification into the design and construction process
  4. Properly documenting projects
  5. Climate-specific requirements and considerations
  6. Common pitfalls
  7. Reliable data sources
  8. What to do when there's no data?
  9. Certification checks
Target Audience:

Practitioners wishing for greater assurance in their designs or planning to pursue certification to the Passive House standard.

Bonus: Certified Passive House practitioners completing this course may be eligible for a discount on future certification projects with a PHI-accredited certifier.

Prerequisites: Completion of the Certified Passive House Design or Tradesperson course.

Exception: Clients currently developing a Passive House project may attend as well

Course Requirements: None

Course Instructors

Andrew Peel, PHi Accredited Certifier
Peel Passive House Consulting Inc.
Toronto, Canada

Monte Paulsen, PHi Accredited Certifier
RDH Building Science Inc.
Vancouver, Canada

Pierre-André Santin, PHi Accredited Certifier
MIZU Passive House Consulting Inc.
Vancouver, Canada

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